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Ship Anchor
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$19.2 Trillion Value of Seaborne Trade
90,547 Marine Vessels
64 Sectors
Token Sale Terms

The total token supply fixed at
1.5 billion (1,500,000,000) SHIPs, of which:

  • 825M Phased Sales
  • 450M Reserve & Early Adopters
  • 225M Development, Team & Partners
  • Ethereum ERC20 token
Phases Price Supply
Officer of Watch 1 ETH = 500 SHIPs 25,000,000
Lieutenant 1 ETH = 475 SHIPs 175,000,000
Master & Commander 1 ETH = 450 SHIPs 275,000,000
Fleet Admiral 1 ETH = 425 SHIPs 350,000,000
Why use SHIPs?


Enjoy the benefits of liquidity in an illiquid market space and enjoy true price discovery for marine assets and services.

Price Discovery

Marine assets and services are tokenized, priced in stable SHIPs and freely tradeable on the platform ensuring fully transparent price discovery.

Accessibility & Diversification

Marine assets and services are denominated in fully divisible SHIPs, enabling any user, without discrimination, to participate and enjoy the benefits of true diversification.


A solid legal structure along with blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof decentralized store of records and guaranteed enforcement of contracts.

Immutability & Security

Transaction settlements with enhanced security features are confirmed on the blockchain and impossible to modify, thereby eliminating disputes, improving transaction efficiency and reducing timeslines versus traditional models.

Cost Effectiveness

Costs reduced drastically by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and distributing costs in a fair manner on a fractionalized basis.

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SHIPs should be accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. We are currently developing and testing our apps to make that happen.

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Our Testimonials
  • Mr.Spyridon Papadakis Head of Credit Risk Management | Asia, HSH NordBank is a potential game changer. In an environment where the banking sector is reeling under the burden of distressed portfolios, the biggest challenge is to find buyers i.e liquidity is scarce. Using innovative blockchain technology to solve this problem is novel and revolutionary for the maritime industry.

  • Dr. (Capt.) K Vivekanand D.Sc, FNI, FCMMI, Former Pro Vice Chancellor | Vels University & Director AMET University

    I have known Capt.Vinil Gupta and Mr.Mitul Dave for 21 years now, since they first waddled into my training grounds. Beyond doubt, they were indeed the best and most brilliant Navigation and Marine Engineer Cadets of their batches. I’ve been following their careers since they sailed over my horizon and post success at the top of their sea-going positions, they have scaled great heights in maritime education, ship finance, ship owning and ship management. As they embark on leading new voyages of discovery using Blockchain, their dint of sheer perseverance and their innovative business concept has the capability to revolutionize our industry.

  • Mr.Darren Laguea Ship Owner, Serial Entrepreneur & Environmentalist

    If tackling immediate and pressing issues such as capital availability and price discovery are already achievements in today’s market environment, these folks have gone ahead and even cracked the code to solve structural issues such as liquidity and transparency. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there who has created a solution with such a deep understanding of our industry’s needs. A great product for anyone, whether you are an existing shipowner or an aspiring one.

  • Mr.Andreas Tiniakos Investment Manager | Maas Capital Investments, ABN AMRO Bank

    Every investor in the maritime space grapples with the issue of pricing liquidity risk, diversification, transparency in capital flows and trust in various counter parties along the value chain. seems to have tackled all these issues in one go and that too at a highly commendable low cost base. I can envisage numerous situations where both professional funds and individual users can benefit through the platform via its application of cutting edge, fully transparent technology.

Voyage Success & Horizon View

  • June 2017
    • Tech Specs
    • Dev Teams
    • Legal Team
  • September 2017
    • Website
    • Token Design & Smart Contracts in Test Environment
  • November 2017
    • Extensive Internal & External Testing
  • 1Q 2018
    • Ship Token Sales in 4 Phases
  • 1Q 2025
    • 5% of Global Maritime Market Transactions
Ship Roadmap Ship Roadmap
  • May 2017
    • Concept
    • Strategy
    • Crew
  • July 2017
    • Prototype Version 1 Finalized
  • October 2017
    • Prototype Version 2 Finalized
  • December 2017
    • Legal Structure Finalized
    • Whitepaper
    • Asset Onboarding
  • 2Q 2018
    • Maritime Marketplace Opens
Our Crew

Co-founder of AlphaSeas Group which includes a successful marine consultancy firm in the EU and a vessel management company in the UK. Former Head of Risk (Marine Business) at GE Capital; Head of Research & Strategy and SVP Investment Management at DVB Bank SE; Site Manager for new build projects in China & Japan; Chief Engineer onboard merchant marine vessels. MBA in Finance, Strategy & Supply Chain Management from Lancaster University Management School, Chief Engineer's License from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency UK and Global Strategic Management from Harvard Business School, USA.

SHIP’s Commander – Strategy & Vision Implementation

Co-founder of AlphaSeas Group which includes a successful marine consultancy firm in the EU and a vessel management company in the UK. Former Chief Commercial Officer for Marine and Offshore Finance at GE Capital; VP, Strategic Management and Restructuring at DVB Transport US LLC and DVB Bank SE; Tanker Chartering Broker, Vessel Operations Manager & Merchant Navy Officer. MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics from Erasmus University, Netherlands & BSc in Maritime Transportation & Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

SHIP’s Lieutenant – Assets & Services Management

Co-founder of AlphaSeas Management Limited, a successful vessel management company; Glasgow Maritime Academy, a leading maritime training services provider and World Yachts, a luxury yacht management company in the UK. Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017, UK. Extensive command experience in shipboard operations for deep sea & coastal vessels and shore based ship management, MCA surveyor and maritime examiner experience. BA in Tertiary Higher Education from University of Stirling (Scotland), Diploma in Nautical Science (Glasgow), Masters License from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency UK.

SHIP’s Lieutenant – Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement

Software Developer/Architect with over 14 years of experience in design & development of large scale enterprise software. Web technologies expert and blockchain disciple. Experience in industry leading products such as Lexis Advance from LexisNexis - An online legal research SAAS application; Microsoft Research Bing Translator workbench - Natural language machine translation tool, GE Healthcare Universal Viewer - the first zero footprint web medical exam viewer. Bachelor's of Science from Mumbai University, India; Microsoft Certified Programmer.

SHIP’s Gunner – Blockchain & Enterprise Infrastructure